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Articles written by the members of our Philosophy Commission: they ask the question of meaning, what meaning for Humanity and for Transhumanity? What meaning for Posthumanity? Ethics being an integral part of current thinking on AI, they ask the question of the ethics of responsibility towards future generations and the ethics embedded in algorithms.


How can NBICs (Nanotechnologies, Biotechnologies, Computing and Cognitive Sciences) change the human race? A section that brings together articles on both biology and ethics.

Cognitive & AI

The questions that we ask ourselves with the members of the Cognitive and AI Commission lead to the writing of articles that we then challenge during our meetings, in order to arrive at the most honest reflection possible. The difference between Artificial and human intelligence, the technologies to come, how AI will bring a fundamental evolution in our societies… Themes that you will find in our posts.


What are the new professions due to Artificial Intelligence by sector? Destruction and job creation: yes? no? when? What impact? Is universal income necessary? These are all questions that fascinate the members of the Economic Commission and which have led to the publication of various articles.


The members of the Sociology Commission meet and exchange views in order to understand the impacts of digital technology on our society and to react on society articles. Articles on work and the impact of digital technology are then published, which globally allow us to question ourselves on the work of today and tomorrow.


A brand new Commission which came into being in March 2020 and which will very soon produce articles on data protection, facial recognition, e-reputation…